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About Booking

What is None Luggage?

None Luggage is a full luggage delivery company. We pick up your luggage and deliver them to your requested location.

What is a Special Baggage?

Not only suitcase or bags. Also baby strollers, surfboards, bicycles. Also your pet too.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay cash or use any credit or debit card. You can pay from our facebook page by using facebook payment. If you book through our website also you can make your payment after online booking. Also, you can pay to your hotel by cash. Don t forget payment is made at the time of booking.

How about the prices?

Our prices are very simple. The first bag will be 15 € and every additional bag will be 5 €(any size, any weight).  For Sabiha Gökçen airport extra 5 €.

What is the %33 discount policy?

We want that let everybody use our service as much as they can. We want to provide it to everyone as affordable as possible. So if you are a student or disabled person. It will be applied automatically. 

How can I book a service?

You can call us +90 533 763 07 70 – +90 533 458 19 71 or 0212 444 9 000. Text a Whatsapp message, send a direct message to our Instagram, Facebook page. Also through our website you can book a service. We are available 24/7. Don’t forget to book your service minimum 24 hours before your flight. 

Where can I use this service?

For now, our service is available in every place of Istanbul.From hotels, offices, home to airport or to your requested location. 

About Service

Where does None Luggage pick up my luggage?

We will pick up your luggage at the scheduled time from the reception of your hotel. If you are an another place, it will be picked up from your requested address. 

Where do I collect my luggage?

At the airport terminal, please go to the meeting point that we arranged at the booking time. If there is a requested point our employee will deliver your luggage within the agreed schedule.

Can I track my luggage?

Of course. By using our Track R devices you can track your luggage anytime from our track application or through our website.

What about security and safety of my luggage?

Our most important thing is to provide you a perfect service. That why every luggage will be sealed which you can only open it at the delivery time. Also, we know that the items at your luggage are not only tangible or maybe could never be replaced. So don’t worry. We take care of them like ours. But of course we consider human mistakes, so every each of your luggage is insured with 300€.